CP Lighting
About CP Lighting
CPLIGHTING - handmade decorative light fixtures and furniture designed by internationally acclaimed designer/artist Christopher Poehlmann for residential, commercial and hospitality since 1991. Constantly experimenting with new ideas, CP Lighting has come to be known as both and innovator and trend leader in sustainable practices, color trend, and the Modern Rustic movement. CPLIGHTING works with most materials but specialize in plastic and metal work focusing on sustainable practices and, as often as possible, post-consumer materials. Our Popsicle Pendant line, in production since 1994, is made from 100% post-consumer acrylic, offered in choice of 30 hand applied color options as well as color matching. Our newGROWTH lamps are an on going series of one-of-a-kind sculptural light fixtures resembling bare tree branches and made from post-consumer and postindustrial salvaged aluminum pipe. Poehlmann says that he conceives each hand built fixture “as if a tree were predestined to grow into a light fixture”. CP Lighting is now branching into the world of LED lighting as well as 3d printing. One of the main problems that Poehlmann sees with LED lamps is that the LED module is basically a spot light, so much of his design time is spent trying to solve that problem. One of the solutions that he has come up with is to create 3d printed nylon shades that attach to LED modules that then capture the light, creating a glowing orb that distributes interesting light and shadow play. The work that we cannot do in-house is always outsourced to top quality American manufactures, in fact all but our large scale fabricated plastic cylinders (up to 4' diameter) and our specialty print embedded plastics are within 100 miles of our Philadelphia based studio. Besides the products that we offer through our web site catalog, we are happy to work with our clients on customized versions of our standard fixtures as well as create custom solutions to meet more specific project needs. Poehlmann is also a contract designer for ILEX Architectural Lighting. Their web site is www.ILEXlight.com Check out his new work in the Portfolio Series or his best selling PS1 Sconce.