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newGROWTH Vine Chandelier
Like a Barrel of Monkeys game, this version of our newGROWTH chandelier has inter-linking branches hanging one from the next to form a vine like chain. A perfect solution for tall entry foyers, stairwells, extra high living ceilings, and large commercial spaces, the Vine newGROWTH series can be custom configured to any dimension needed, 6' h to 30' or more. Each element in the newGROWTH Vine series can measures between 2' to 7' high and can be combined with as many as 10 units. The 3' module for instance weighs only around 5 -7 pounds, so the overall weight of even a large fixture is surprisingly minimal. Standard lamping is type B (candelabra) sockets suitable for any type B base bulb made. Inquire about our LED options. Because these fixtures are made to order and one-of-a-kind, anything goes in terms of the dimensions -- each element in the branch chain can take on unique dimensions - the fixture can be conceived as a mobile with twigs balancing off other branches -- the sky is the limit, talk with us about your space and we will come up with a fantastic solution that is both decorative and highly functional.
Shown here with 3 support units units at 9' tall linked to a newGROWTH chandelier measuring 5'x2'x2' for an overall height of around 11'. The Support branches can be any size and combined as needed.
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CP Lighting newGROWTH cascading branch chandelier
newGROWTH vine chandelier
newGROWTH barrel of monkeys chandelier
newGROWTH 12' H Vine at ICFF 2014
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